Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The 'ART' in 'FART'...

what if  a 'FART' was actually 'ART' all along?

Imagine those last three-four laborious years of studying your life-long-dream tertiary degree, subsequent honours and Masters...only to find out that 'art' is just a fleeting, bursting emission of noxious gas in the form of a loud, muffled or worst yet - completely silent fart?

Is 'art' simply a fleeting smell? is all art transitory and does it in fact, after that brief exuberant moment of sucking in the rich, quality 'smell of your own bran', exhaling, pausing in the warm aftermath and the ensuing thrill of getting caught in your self made pool of fetid smell...dissipate into thin air? Into obscurity?

Is art just a bad smell that passes with time and fashion, making way for more glorious, more explosive successors?


('He-Gassen' (屁合戦) 'The Fart War' - artist unknown)

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