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Why 'A Life of Baked Beans'?

As a child all I ever ever wanted to do was to become an artist and all my family would ever respond was that it would make me no money at all. My mother and I would jest: 'I'll spend the rest of my life eating Baked Beans from the can and living out of a box.' This appealed to me because I like Baked Beans and I did enjoy a good Box Fort. It was only upon reaching adulthood that the full ramifications of that sentiment set in and by that stage I was already four fingers deep into the world of all things 'fartist'. 

Mum was and is a very talented painter and illustrator - when she wants to be - and my father was a Graphic Designer and gifted artist. I believe the family 'erring on the side of caution' came from first-hand experience that becoming an artist was a lovely idea in theory but may not be entirely based in reality. They resigned themselves to the idea that I was never going to change my mind by the time I started my Visual Arts Degree and had gone full Art Student (complete with Doc Martins and a tendency to wear severed dolls heads as accessories and start arguments based on my untried knowledge of Australian and British politics).

Am I a Woman Artist?

Yes, I am

Why Blog about your personal experience as a poor artist? it seems a bit wanky.

This blog is meant to be a blog by me, for me, 'personally'. I'm a crap diary writer who writes for approximately two days into a beautiful brand new journal I can't afford before giving up and resuming my obsessive internal monologue that drives me ever further into a tunnel of doom. A Life of Baked Beans is basically a place to write down my thoughts on what I've been working on, something I've seen or a show I've been to, an advertisement I've liked on TV, a campaign I'm into, study and commissions and the occasional stupid sketch - a personal experience you can poke you head into if you so choose.

I would also love your thoughts - please feel free to comment or drop me a line and check out my website if you'd like to see what I like to do most:

Dig in.

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