Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To K or not to K? That is the question.


Kim K has a fabulous figure - it reminds me of baked bread. I drew a picture of her as baked bread - see?

She is/is she:

A Woman

A Mother

A Feminist?

An Artist?

A Model?

Body-acceptance and self-love activist?

A powerful Businesswoman?

A PR and Marketing genius?

Living Performance Art?

A Pop Culture Icon

A Fashion Icon

A Brand?

A Narcissist?

A snob?


Which camp are you? I'm intrigued by the Kardashian Klan and their world supreme power. In one sense I think they're just enjoying the ride and are the very embodiment of pop culture - a sort of art performance group of sorts and PR and Marketing Puppeteers...what do you think?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Because there's never quite enough.

Holy shit.

Puppymonkeybaby. New God.

(And some Christmas squish faces I forgot to post previously):

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Raymond Briggs is my absolutely favourite - of all time - Illustrator and has always been since I was the size of my current-day leg.

My most beloved picture book above all picture books when I was little (even my treasured Roald Dahl and Brothers Grimm Fairy-tales) was Fungus The Bogeyman, followed closely by The Snowman. I wish I still had the original books I owned as a little girl - Fungus The Bogeyman was a popup book which made him even more glorious and slimy...recently I did find an original 1979 Fungus edition at The Red Cross for a tiny $2.00 and I was almost in tears from the excitement...

Below are a MUST WATCH selection of Brigg's Graphic Novels turned into animated films and they are gorgeous and inspiring and stunning - and two of them are hosted by David Bowie. My particular favourite is 'When The Wind Blows' because it is deliciously dark and tormented. Also included is the film and making of 'The Snowman and The Snowdog' which was made in homage to Briggs as a sequel to the original script along with an interview with Briggs who is a wonderfully grumpy bugger who only intended to write about death and says his story was totally misinterpreted as a Christmas bugger off.

Grab some Digestives and a cup of tea for the movies below and when you read Ethel and Ernest? be prepared to cry like a baby because to me, it is the most beautiful Graphic Novel ever written.

(Oh and holy shit, just found out there is a Fungus The Bogeyman series coming out on Sky1 and an Ethel and Ernest animated feature due any day now...eep!!)

So there.

Ethel and Ernest (The reason I want a girl called Ethel...)

Fungus The Bogeyman (Perfection.)

The Snowman

The Bear

Gentleman Jim

 Ug: Boy Genius of The Stone Age

Father Christmas

When The Wind Blows

The Snowman (animated plus David Bowie)

The Snowman and The Snowdog

(The process and the studio spaces in these crack.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


How much of what we say when out socializing or on social media is over-exaggerated, fake or entirely bullshit?

Don't get me wrong, personally I love my friends and hanging out: one on one in person with a close friend is a blissful experience most of the time where we can chill, eat greasy shit together, openly burp and talk about that pimple I poked at the other day, safe in the knowledge that we know each other well, we know our quirks, our downfalls, our achievements and possibly even when we last went to the toilet. If you extend the one on one time to a little party pow-wow with a relatively new crowd? The situation becomes a lot more complex.

I don't know if my own experience could be classified as 'social anxiety' and I know this is a crippling issue for many people, but I perhaps have some form of this complex predicament and it has really started to force me to reassess and reflect how I interact during a night on the town/lunch with friends/breakfast with the group. 

The first issue I have is over-talking. Talking loudly, proudly and almost aggressively in my directness. I talk about ME predominantly...the issue comes back to ME and, hideously, I wonder if I am honestly that egocentric or am I just internally shitting myself? Tim has noticed this too - a fear of losing relevance and jumping across peoples own experience to quickly appoint them my own version of events: 'Oh that thing happened to you? Well it happened to me too but SO MUCH WORSE, I ALMOST DIED, OH MY GOD JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR IT.'

I don't want to be this areshole, I honestly don't. I am a lot more aware of it now I am in a relationship with someone who knows every single detail about me and recognises that this just isn't the real me when we're out together. It's almost as if I don't want to drown in the sea of voices and laughter - my story must keep me buoyant and in doing so...I come across as slightly obnoxious and just a bit too loud.

I liken the experience of forcing out your story, over exaggerating a really good anecdote or simply making shit up - to our peachy Instagram accounts, our scrupulously hand-picked and posted Facebook presence, 'my story is fabulous' Reddit votes or 'generic CV bullshit' LinkedIn Prowess. Have our lives become one of those horrible forceful paragraphs preceding a resume we write ourselves:

'Anna is an ambitious, punctual, smart and friendly candidate, willing to take on any challenge and always ready to learn.'

I am not absolved. I am absolutely a victim to the Instagram bullshit endemic - I have a handpicked presence online and I wonder why there is this strong need to prove my worth to friends and total strangers? I have a wonderful life, why do I need to prove that to people? Why do I hand pick which photos I chose to pop up on Facebook? Why do I force out my story to attain pride dominance within a social circle? Why are we constantly promoting our life CV to people? Can we chose to just be quietly content and safe in the knowledge that we're awesome? 

So the next time I'm out and about with one of you, forcing my way into your life with my 'even better' story or loudly making a dick joke above and beyond the story you are currently telling the group about your crippling hereditary Immune Disease, please gently remind me 'hey, your life is cool, you know that and that's all that matters.'

Monday, February 1, 2016

Real Change...

I was so excited to read that Mattel have jumped onto the #bodypositive #downwithunrealisticstandards bandwagon and introduced a new, progressive line of Barbies with actual curves - actual height - actual petite body types and over 22 new types of eye colours, 24 new hairstyles (including Mohawks) new and various skin tones and other distinguishable features that little people see in the mirror and around them every day. The new, more evolved Barbies? Well, they're not perfectly not perfect yet...but it's a bloody good start in the right direction.

My sister and I were ALL ABOUT BARBIE and her BFFs when we were small, impressionable women and although, personally I never paid too much attention nor really cared about my Barbie's uber slim bobble-headed physique (she was too busy bonking my 90210 'Dylan' Luke Perry doll), I think young girls these days have a bigger battle to contend with. With the rise and ever growing dominance of social media, a larger pool of crazy-thin celeb 'role models' and the push to be even more body conscious, the unrealistic standard of beauty is bigger, more bossy and more of an in-your-face arsehole than ever before.

Personally I am a MASSIVE fan of curves - to me, they're more interesting to draw (think Rubens). There's something inherently beautiful about the all-natural-all-normal female form that makes me feel comfortable and makes the environment a lot less tailored to recreate on paper. Let's face it - boobs, bums and tummies can be a hell of a lot easier to maintain for a lot of women and as a large demographic proves, they're the norm. Women who can embrace a genuine love and acceptance of their shape are both lucky creatures and tragically very rare - only 3% of women in the UK alone are completely happy with their body - Something about pendulous boobs and a big apple bum is so much fun to put into paint because it is so, fundamentally real. The same feeling of 'enjoying the natural shape' goes for when I'm drawing a handsomely rotund Eugene The Chicken.

NOTE. I'm not ruling out or condemning slim women or belittling naturally larger women either - genetics are genetics, if you have the propensity to carry a particular body type? it should be embraced and accepted and loved. Naturally slim physiques exist of course, women also work hard to create a healthy body built on the foundations of a proper, substantial diet and a healthy dose of exercise for the purpose of feeding the soul, the body and the mind and this should absolutely be endorsed. 'Healthy' and 'happy' is priority over obsessive, damaging thinking no matter your size and no, it's often not easy for a lot of us.

During my research of Barbie's bangin' new bods - I stumbled across 'Lammily' and was reminded that she was here first (dreamed up by Nickolay Lamm in 2014)...a more stout framed girl with half as much make up, thick and unkempt hair, a more robust physique and a hell of a lot more real than her Barbie girlfriends. Not only is Lammily a sportswoman, a Photographer, a Doctor and a Veteran, but Lammily also (to my utter surprise and delight) comes with her very own pack of add-on pimples and stretchmarks, cellulite, moles and other birthmarks, scars, acne, tattoos and a variety of potential birth defects that we witness and experience throughout our individual lives as both young and older women, through childhood, puberty and adulthood (think birth marks, teen acne, stretch-mark growth marks...or a postpartum Cesarean scar) G-R-L has it all.

Another add-on Lammily feature sees Lammily equipped with her own undies, complete with a book of teeny tiny sanitary pad stickers and information all about periods and what to expect. (How fucking cool is that?) The add on is aptly called: 'Period Party' which might not be my idea of the most awesome party vibes...but each to their own, hey?...Lammily is the forerunner for teaching little ladies how to put pads into their undies and how to not freak-the-fuck-out when one day, rather unexpectedly, you start bleeding from your body for a few days a month. WOT.

I'm torn because on the one hand - I'm desperate to pre-order my very own curvy Barbie, purely to tap into my old school Barbie nostalgia but with a beautiful twist...and to place her on my desk as a reminder that young women are slowly starting to be introduced to a new way of thinking and an ever so slightly more realistic and comfortable standard of beauty. On the other hand...I also want a Lammily doll so I can make her a spotty, cellulite and bloody beauty just like I was during those delightfully awkward years growing into a curvy, spotty Lammily woman...

Also, check out this amazing lady if you want to look more into the healthy doll takeover...

Oh and don't even get me started on Monster High...

#barbie #squadgoals (My pick is the young lady to the far right. She is listed as 'Curvy Barbie with Emoji Waistcoat) I mean, seriously. Want.

(Dat face tho)

Period Party...

Lammily (KWEEN)

a WARTS N' ALL pack 'Lammily Marks'

New edition 'Photographer' Lammily complete with windswept hair!

The genius that is Rubber Bandits.